School Resumption in Cameroon: Teachers And Parents Welcome The News.

The information on schools reopening, scheduled for June 1, 2020, announced by the Prime Minister head of Government Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute has put smiles on the faces of some parents and reassured teachers that what they started this year wouldn’t end half way.

For over one month now, Schools have been closed, as one of government’s measures to stop the propagation of the Corona Virus in the Country.
On April 16, 2020, after an interministerial meeting, the Prime Minister gave hopes to parents and the educational community, that schools might resume on June 1, 2020, depending on the evolution of the Pandemic in the Country.
This information was highly welcomed by teachers and Parents who have been doing their best to educate their children while at home thanks to assignments given by teachers, classes dispensed on the platforms of CRTV, and through educational websites.

Following this news, some schools have been holding meetings to strategize on how to cover all the syllabus within the time frame allocated by the government.
Another point of discussion during the meetings, is on how to get their students well prepared for their official exams, examples; First School Leaving Certificate, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level despite the situation.

Next on the agenda of the meeting held after the Prime Minister’s declaration on April 16, 2020, is that of preparing lessons and questions teachers have to forward to parents for their kids via Whatsapp and email addresses while waiting for June 1, 2020.

According to some parents, they are happy that their kids will take the path leading to their classrooms again after the break aimed at curbing the spread of the Corona Virus

Meantime, other parents are afraid that their children might contract the virus in school.

All in all, teachers and parents are anxiously waiting for the D- day, come June 1, 2020, everything being equal.

Natacha Lehman

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