#COVID19: Observing Ascension Amidst The Coronavirus Scare

Roman Catholic christians in the nation’s capital-Yaounde, have timidly observed the feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven, amist the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A special mass to mark the event at The Our Lady Cathedral Yaounde, was said by the Archbishop of Yaounde Metropolitan Archdioceses,  His Grace , Jean Mbarga.

His Grace Jean Mbarga, Archbishop of the Yaounde Metropolitan Archdiosis

The Archbishop urged Christians to  faithfully pray in the name of Jesus Christ, for a solution to the pandemic.

The yearly event that used to witness a lot of pomp, was reduced to a solemn Mass, with people hemmed in due to fear of the pandemic.

The Eucharistic Mass servants , and Christians, all had face masks, sanitized hands, and sat at least 2.5 meters apart in respect of the preventive measures enforced by the government.

This is  evidence that the Christians believe in the existence of COVID-19, and are ready to collaborate to end the pandemic.

His Grace, Jean Mbarga said the church has sent out some volunteer Catholic health personnel to educate people in the communities on the dangers of the pandemic, and how to prevent its spread.

He told Christians to also pass on the information on regular hand washing, wearing of face masks and practice social distancing in their communities in order to protect themselves and their loved ones.

The feast of Ascension is considered a prolongation of Easter celebrations by Christians, as Christ’s victory over death.

The prelate said a special COVID-19 prayer has been  designed to suit this period, with the hope that prayers yield results if Christians fervently pray.

“Those who believe and pray in faith will see the power of God. We have dedicated our country Cameroon to Our Lady of the apostles and st. Joseph patron of Cameroon for protection” Mgr Jean Mbarga said.

The Mass was broadcasted on National Television to allow other Christians take part in the Mass in respect of the COVID-19 new lifestyle.

The large capacity cathedral was restricted to very few Christian who wore masks.

During the Eucharist, hand sanitizers were distributed before Christians partook in the holy communion.

There were equally no queues , people were served communion one after the other.

Mgr Jean Mbarga then urged christians to continue to respect guidelines prescribed  by the government and health personnel.

Christians were encouraged to follow the church’s messages, sermons and  activities on social media platforms created to avoid Christians from regularly coming to the Cathedral, and being exposed to the virus.

Church activities are also said to have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The church communicator also announced that the church was experiencing economic hardship because it relies mostly on donations from Christians and the public for its resources.


Prisilia Lum

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