Reconstruction Of North West and South West Regions: Government Disburses 9.8 Billion

The Cameroon government and the United Nations Development Program have signed a financial agreement worth 8.9 billion CFAF for the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions.

The Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development, Alamine Ousman Mey signed for the government of Cameroon while the Resident representative of the UNDP signed for his organisation.

The ceremony took place in the presence of members of government and the coordinator of the UN Systems in Cameroon, Allegra Biocchi.

The agreement sets the stage for the kick off of the reconstruction of the two English speaking regions that have been affected by over three years of a sociopolitical crisis.

The Minister told the press that government has made available it’s own financial quota which is already available and work will go on quickly. Where it can be fast, it will be done.

Alamine Ousman Mey also told reporters that government is doing everything possible to reestablish peace and stability in the North West and South West regions such that people can easily go about their activity.

The Presidential plan for the reconstruction of the North West and South West regions is expected to run for ten years, with technical support from the United Nations Development Program, UNDP.

The UNDP Resident Representative, Jean-Luc Stallon, said the project will focus on helping the population recover and rebuild their livelihoods.

It also seeks to revive social cohesion and the economy that has been destroyed by the crisis.

The infrastructure affected by the crisis will also be reconstructed so that the population have access to basic services like education, health, water amongst others.

While the government will ensure the supervision of the project, the UNDP will ensure its accountability.

Elvis Teke

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