#Covid19: Enforcing Barrier Measures In Markets Discussed By Inter Ministerial Committee

The application of barrier measures against covid19 in markets and commercial areas in Cameroon has come under focus at the Inter ministerial meeting to monitor government’s response strategy against Covid19.

Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute presided over the meeting via video conferencing. Cabinet members and senior state officials also examined the medical follow-up of Covid19 patients at a time when the number of cases in the country stands at 8743.

The meeting identified open markets and super markets as areas of intense human interaction with high risk of transmission of the novel corona virus if proper measures are not enforced.

The Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana said supermarkets in Cameroon are for the most part respecting barrier measures put in place. He said a handful even go beyond the measures instituted by the government.

He however regretted that the same cannot be said for open markets where many buyers no longer observe barrier measures.

On his part, the Minister of Decentralization and Local Development, said his Ministry organizes continual education campaigns in markets to raise awareness.

He added that they are also strict on the opening and closing hours of markets and regularly suppress illegal trading points.

Prime minister has enjoined both ministers to intensify efforts to secure the buying and selling process in markets.

PM Joseph Dion Ngute has called for a strict application of the Presidential prescription which makes the wearing of face masks mandatory in all public spaces.

The cabinet meeting also kept track of the medical follow-up of #Covid19 patients in Cameroon.
The Minister of Public Health Minister manaouda Malachi disclosed that testing for covid 19 has accelerated in the country as more testing kids are brought in.

The Governor of the Centre Region, Naseri Paul Biya also made a presentation on the level of implementation of measures within the region.

At the close of inter ministerial meeting, the Prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute instructed government to ensure the efficiency of protection measures in markets and commercial spaces across the country and seek ways of improving them.

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Elvis Teke

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