COVID-19 : Bagyeli Pygmies Better Armed For The Riposte

Some 40 women have for two days received training on the production of soap and other accessory to help the people of Nyamabande village in Niéte Ocean Division of the South Region.


The training programme was offered by an NGO- African Wildlife Foundation in collaboration with the ministry of forestry and wildlife, Tropical Forest and Rural Development and the « Calbril » Association.

For two days therefore, the woman Pygmy of the Nyamabande village was equally schooled on the barriers measures to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 500 pieces of soap, face masks and hand sanitizers locally produced and buckets were shared to the Bagyeli Pygmies to help them reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

It will henceforth be possible to fight against the propagation of the pandemic in this village as the locals already have the formula to the production of some basic accessory, Lesly AKENDJI one of the facilitators of the training purported.

Note should be taken, the Niéte subdivision in the ocean division today counts roughly 600 Bagyeli Pygmies who yearn for such opportunities on a daily basis to empower their communities and help them stay away from deadly diseases like the COVID-19.

Cyril Nwoazeke, Crtv South- Kribi

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