2020 Feast of Tabaski: Timid Turnout of Celebrants

I combed the streets of Yaounde this July 31, 2020 in search of Moslems celebrating the Feast of Tabaski at the usual hotspots but found little ambiance.

At the Bois Sainte Anastasie, a usual celebration spot, there was unusual calm for a Feast of Tabaski afternoon.

The relaxation park had just a few regular visitors…nothing to speak about a celebration.

In the past, this site was known to receive several Moslems up to a week after the Feast of Tabaski. They shared snacks as families, took walks and immortalised the day in pictures.

This time around however, the area was calm due to the instruction for the strict respect of physical distancing as a means to stop the spread of COVID-19.

At another prominent spot, the Nlongkak Roundabout, just a handful of Moslems could be seen taking pictures…Not up to a dozen of them.

Well, maybe the evening will be more lit, I told myself.

The evening is here and it is little or no different from the afternoon.

A few kids run along the sidewalks downtown dressed in boubous and sarees.

In one popular eatery in the Bastos neighbourhood where no alcohol is tolerated, a few couples and families are seated, having a bite and drink. Not as populated as expected.

It is clear that most Moslems celebrated indoors as recommended by Government and emphasised by Imams across the country.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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