Alleged Negotiation With Separatists: Not Consistent With Reality

The Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has issued a release indicating the social media allegations of negotiations between authorities and jailed separatist leaders is “not consistent with reality”.

The alleged talks are said to have taken place on July 2, 2020, in Yaounde and has attracted media attention since the information circulated on social media.

The Spokesman of the Government however reaffirmed the unwavering determination of the government to seek peaceful solutions to the crisis that has rocked the North West and South West regions for about four years.

He pointed to dialogue as the principal channel towards peace, adding that various contacts, initiatives and proposals have been made while preserving the national unity and territorial integrity of Cameroon.

The Minister of Communication, once again called on armed groups to lay down their weapons and accept the peace offer of the Head of State.

He also indicated that the defence and security forces will continue protecting citizens and their property in a professional manner.

Government Measures To Solve The Crisis

The release is coming at a time when the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West regions is ongoing.

It is worth mentioning that some of the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue have already been implemented.

Some of the actions already taken in line with providing peaceful solutions to the crisis from the recommendations include, the release of some detainees arrested for misdemeanor offices inline with the crisis; the creation of a common law section at the Advance School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM; the putting in place of the National Committee for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism among others.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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