COVID-19 : Most special treatment centres go operational


Almost  all the recently created treatment centres to provide care to COVID-19 patients across the nation are now operational. 

Treatment Centre at the Yaounde Military stadium

As Cameroon’s confirmed cases rise to 14,916 cases, and 359 deaths, government is making sure that the special treatment centers are ready to receive patients. The special COVID-19 treatment centres were created on April 20 by the Prime Minister, Joseph Dion Ngute.

As of July 6, 11,525 persons in Cameroon have recovered from the  the deadly disease. A good number of these people were treated in the special treatment centres in like the  Olembe treatment centre, the Isolation Centre at the Yaounde Central Hospital, the Jamot Hospital  and the Yassa treatment Centre in Douala .

Dr. Manaouda Malachie, Public Health Minister, recently posted some pictures of the Ebolowa, Bertoua and Yaounde Military Stadium on Twitter, announcing that the Bertoua and Ebolowa centres were receiving finishing touches.


List of treatment centres

There are currently over 10 treatment centres located in different regions  across the nation. They include ;

– The Military stadium
– Orca Premises ( Mvog Mbi)
– The Jamot Hospital
– The Isolation Centre at the Yaounde Central Hospital

_The Mbappe Leppe stadium
– The treatment centre at the Low Cost Housing structure at Yassa

– The Roumde Adja stadium

– Middle Farms stadium

– The Bafoussam Low Cost Housing structures
– The Toket stadium

_The Bertoua specialized treatment Centre

_The Ebolowa treatment Centre

_The Bamenda regional hospital

Operational Treatment Centres

Since the centres were created, most of them have hosted hundreds of COVID-19 patients. The treatment centre hosted in the erstwhile Orca supermarket premises  currently counts 16 patients. A total of 280 beds have been set up in the structure, with 23 of them reserved for patients with respiratory problems.

The Isolation Centre at the Yaounde Central Hospital, the Jamot Hospital and the Olembe Low cost housing premises are also hosting some patients .

According to Public Health officials , the Ebolowa , Yaounde Military Stadium treatment centre and others are yet to receive patients. The Bertoua and Toket treatment centres are near completion.

Kathy Neba Sina

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