COVID-19 : Muslims Called to Respect Preventive Measures Amidst Feast of Tabaski

As the feast of the  Tabaski is celebrated today, Public health authorities have told Muslims to ensure the strict respect of COVID-19 preventive measures. 

Muslims routinely wash hands on arrival at the prayer ground

The 2020 feast which is taking place in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, will see be celebrated on low key. Visits to families and the usual feasting in large groups will be absent.

Muslims hold prayers at various prayer grounds nationwide

As of July, 31 2020, Cameroon counts 17,255 confirmed cases,15320 recoveries and 386 deaths .

This year, the number of muslims , celebrating the feast back home will see a sharp  increase because of restrictions to travel to the holy land, in keeping with COVID-19 preventions spelled out by authorities .

But as the feast goes on, Dr. Erick Tandi, public Health Expert says preventive measures should not be neglected.

“We are urging everyone not to neglect the preventive measures. We know that many people have been in confinement in homes for a while , and  can be tempted to go a little bit astray from respecting barrier measures. I’m calling on all the Muslims,  to not forget to respect the barrier measures when they get to the Prayer ground , and after prayers”.
Dr. Erik Tandi, Public Health expert

With 89% recovery rate of the disease in Cameroon , public authorities say they are working hard to hit the targeted 100%. This will usher in a new era for the country.  COVID-19 will become history.

This is one big reason why Dr. Erick Tandi says Muslims must respect the preventive measures during the feast of the Tabaski, ” so that we could push this percentage higher to a complete 100%”.

Accordingly, Muslims s will have to stick to the ritual of wearing masks, regularly washing hands and respecting social distancing.

Kathy Neba Sina

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