COVID-19 : What pregnant women should know

Public health authorities have told pregnant women that they will receive proper  antenatal care till they have their babies, whether or not they contract the virus.

Dr. Mbu Robinson, Director of Family Health says, “No Research has proven that COVID-19 has any effect on pregnancy or pregnancy has any effect on COVID-19”.

Prof. Mbu Robinson is the Director of the department of Family Health at the Ministry of Public Health.

Accordingly,  pregnant women should continue antenatal visits till delivery. Public health authorities  provide special care  to expectant mothers who have contracted the virus.

The COVID-19 scare has caused some women to stop routine antenatal visits.
Other pregnant women experiencing hormonal disorders, breathing difficulties, or escape of fluids from the vagina have been quick to attribute it to symptoms of the COVID-19 . But, Dr. Robinson Mbu says “those are pregnancy aberrations we see everyday”.

Officials also assure women that safety measures have been enforced in hospitals to protect pregnant women and babies.

The World Health Organization  has also come up with some guidelines on how women should care for themselves and their babies during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Health care for infected pregnant women

If a pregnant woman presents symptoms of the COVID-19 , public health authorities recommend that she stays at home, and contact health personnel who will come to her aid.

According to Dr. Mbu Robinson, Special units have been reserved in the Special COVID-19 centres nationwide for pregnant women who have  tested positive.

” There are specific rooms reserved for pregnant women who present  symptoms  and those who have tested  positive. In these units, hospital authorities always assign two or three persons to take care of these pregnant women “.

In order to reach more women with this message of hope, public health authorities in collaboration with the UN system in Cameroon has published a handbook on Pregnancy and COVID-19.

The book clearly spells out the “dos”and “don’ts” for pregnant women,  during the global health pandemic.


Kathy Neba Sina 

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