Extension of Retirement Age of Healthcare Providers: Medics Happy yet Request for More

Healthcare Providers have expressed gratitude with the Presidential Decree extending their retirement age to 55 years for Categories C and D and 60 years for Categories A and B.

While many healthcare providers are happy, some just like Oliver Twist are asking for more.

Dr Leonard Ngarka, Neurologist

“I received this information with a lot of excitement. It actually came as a stitch in time because the medical field is a domain in which efficiency increases with time. At the age of 55, Practitioners are the prime or peak of their career and retiring at that age made the state unable to tap enough from the experiences these professionals have acquired all through their practice. I think the extension will give them time to use their experiences acquired to better their fatherland.”

Dr Adidja Amani, Public Health Physician and Specialist in Paediatric Nutrition

“This is a great thing for we medical practitioners. We have been advocating for this for a long time and Minister Manaouda Malachie promised to look into this. We thank him and the Head of State. The next move we hope to see is an increase in salary. This will greatly motivate us.”

Dr Yong E.C. épouse Anang, General Practitioner

“I am quite happy about the extension of our retirement age. What is left now is the improvement of our working conditions. We thank the President for this kind gesture.”

Dr Irene, General Practitioner

“If they post immediately after school and we start receiving salary immediately too then it’s cool. I left school 2 years ago and no salary yet; only some inconsistent transport fare. I also want to earn more.”

Dr Solange N., General Practitioner

“I have mixed feelings. We have to wait sometimes 2-5 years to have the first salary which is not much. We are asking to be rewarded for our work justly. On the other hand the extension of retirement age is good for continuity because a Doctor at that time becomes a teacher for the younger generations.”

Gathered by Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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