Nachtigal Hydro-Power Company: Final Stage Of The Construction Begins

A water crane has been received by the Nachtigal Hydro-Power Company (NHPC) signalling final stage of the construction works at the hydropower project.

The crane that was received this July 1, 2020 will allow the water from the Sanaga River to enter the intake canal at a flow rate of 980m3/s, to power the station.

According to the company charged with the implementation of the 420 MW Nachtigal hydropower project works will proceed with the filling the cracks with different techniques depending on their size: cement mortar for the smallest cracks, cement grout for medium-sized cracks, and reconstituted concrete for the largest cracks.

The works are intended to ensure that the surface of the foundations is regular and perfectly bonded with the rock and the future concrete of the final structures.

Commissioning Of The Power Plant

According to the company, September 2022 is the projected date for the first turbine of the Nachtigal hydropower project to be commissioned.

The entire structure is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2023. Upon completion, the power station will produce more than 2,900 GWh per year.

Cost Of The Project

Nachtigal hydropower project, located 65 km north-east of Yaoundé is financed by a public-private partnership to the tune of CFAF 786 billion.

The investment was raised by the state of Cameroon, and some technical and financial partners including the Electricité de France (EDF), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Africa50 and STOA Infra & Energy. EDF is 40% shareholder in the NHPC consortium.

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    Je suis étudiant du niveau master en énergie renouvelable et je souhaiterais faire partie de l’équipe de réalisation de ce projet.


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