Rainy Season: National Observatory on Climate Change Warns about Flooding and Landslides

The rainy season is here and its accompanying effects are being felt in different parts of the country.

In its 11th edition, the Seasonal Climate Prediction Bulletin for the months
of June, July and August 2020, the National Observatory on Climate Change enlightens on the climatic situation in Cameroon during these three months.

The bulletin amongst other things, predicts areas that may be flooded or experience landslides during this rainy season.

Potential Flood Risk Zones

The bulletin says the following areas have a very high risk of registering floods during this period:

– Logone and Chari, Mayo Danay, Mayo Kani, Diamare and Mayo Sava in the Far North and
Mayo Louti in the North regions

– Benue in the North region

– Makouoa in the West region

– Ndian, Manyu, Meme, Kupe Manenguba, Fako and Lebialem in the South West region

– Mungo, Sanaga Maritime, Nkam and Wouri in the Littoral region

– Nja and Lobo, Mvila in the South region

– Mfoundi, Nyong and Mfoumou, Upper Sanaga, Lekie, Nyong and Kelle, Nyong and So’o in
the Centre region

– Upper Nyong, Bomba and Ngoko in the East region

In the meantime, the following areas have a high risk of recording floods:

– Mayo Rey, in the North region

– Donga-Mantung in the North West region

– Ocean, Mvila in the South region

– Vina in the Adamawa region

– Upper Sanaga in the Centre region

– Noun in the West region

Risk Zones For Landslides

In some areas, heavy rainfall doesn’t only lead to floods but also landslides.

The National Observatory on Climate Change also used its bulletin to site potential risk zones for landslides.

Very high risk zones for landslides include:

– Lebialem in the South West region

– Noun, Nde, Mifi, Menoua, Upper Nkam and Bamboutos in the West region

– Mezam, Bui and Menchum in the North West region

On the other hand, high risk zones of landslides include:

– Mfoundi in the Centre region

– Mungo in the Littoral region

– Manyu, Ndian and Kupe Manegumba in the South West region

True to these statistics, some of the risk areas are already experiencing floods with the arrival of the rainy season.

With such data available however, inhabitants of risk zones could get ready to manage or even prevent the devastating effects of flooding and landslides during this period of heavy rains.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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