2020 G.C.E Exams: Effective Start of Written Phase NationWide


About 135,568 Candidates sitting in for the General Certificate Of Education began writing their exams this Thursday August 6, 2020 throughout the national territory.

In all the 805 Examination Centers in the country, school authorities have taken appropriate measures for a hitch free exams despite the Corona virus pandemic.

At Government Bilingual Practising High School (LBA) Yaounde in the Center region, all the measures prescribed by government to protect Candidates from COVID-19 and for vigilance during exams are followed to the letter according to the Principal Robert Eko Sama.
On this first day of the G.C.E Exams, candidates began writing exams in Economics paper 1 and 2 for the Ordinary Level and Economics paper 1 and Geology paper 1 for the Advanced Level.

At the end of the first paper, Romuald E, Ordinary Level Candidate said he is satisfied with what he wrote and is sure to have a pass mark in the subject.

“The questions asked in Economics were not really difficult and I wrote well. I want the questions in all the subjects to be like the ones in Economics”

At Government Bilingual Practising High School Yaounde with 1,594 candidates registered classrooms of a nearby primary School are being used to accommodate Advanced Level candidates to make sure physical distancing is respected. One candidate seats per bench and in total 24 students per class.

The G.C.E examination ends on August 25 2020 with Philosophy.

Natacha Lehman

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