Child Abuse : Parents torture 10-year-old girl, government intervenes

The government has intervened in the case of a 10-year-old girl, tortured by her parents, a certain Mr./Mrs Ekani. She was abused for six months, over accusations of being demon possessed.

10-year-old YAWE

YAWE, the young girl, is currently receiving medical care in a health facility in Cameroon’s Capital, Yaounde.

The Prime Minister and Social Affairs Minister were alerted by a series of Facebook posts, and tweets from journalists, rights groups and individuals denouncing the inhumaine treatment meted to the young girl.

YAWE and mum, Mrs. Ekani

Neighbors had recorded a video of the young girl who spoke through the louvers of the room where she had been locked up for six months. She said ” Demons have caused my parents to treat me this way, so I should not live without sufferings in this world”.

Social Affairs officials then got her admitted to a medical facility where she has been receiving medical care .

In a tweet on August 19, the Prime Minister commended the prompt reaction of the Social Affairs Minister, stating that violence against children and women is unacceptable.

What is she treated for ?

Pictures of YAWE surfaced on social media on August 19, showing an unkempt traumatized young girl, clad in an oxblood oversized gown.

Her hair looked tangled and dirty.  She had dry  blood stains on the left side of her face, and a swollen right eye. Neighbors said she had been subjected to repeated battery.

A bandage was tied to her afflicted left foot , as she limped along.  YAWE’s body bore scars from repeated physical beating, for six full months.

YAWE and dad, Mr. Ekani

She stood by her mum in one of the photos , and pictured  in another photo with her dad, on a hospital bed.

What fate for her parents ?

YAWE’s  parents , Mr/Mrs Ekani are currently in police custody in Nkomo, a locality in Yaounde.

But  an appeal has already been made for her mum’s release. YAWE wants her mum out; the same woman who got her tortured for half a year.

In a recent video taken from the health facility where she’s receiving health care, YAWE said persons of goodwill should assist her dad’s efforts to get her mum released.

” I’m asking you to support my father’s to have my mum released. That’s all what I require you to do. I love my parents , and wouldn’t want to ce separated from them”.

But her  dad was larervtaken into police custody. Authorities say both parent say will face the law.

YAWE however explains  that her parents tortured her because she is demon possessed.

Experts say her confessions ensue from long periods of physical and psychological trauma.

As the young girl recovers, competent authorities are seeking to know why parents will treat mete such inhumane treatment on their own daughter.

Kathy Neba Sina

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