Back to school 2020 : How schools market themselves to attract students

The new school year in Cameroon begins in less than a month, and schools have begun to frantically market themselves to prospective students, to meet up with enrollment targets.

Ahead of Oct 5, many schools are promoting their academic profiles, and brandishing recent results of official examinations for the previous school year.

Some schools have reduced fees to encourage early enrollment and get more clients. Students who enroll within a given timeline get some basic didactic materials as a “Thank You gesture”.

At the entrance of some schools, marketers beckon on prospective students to enroll, with the help of megaphones. It is also common to see banners bearing the facilities and academic achievement of schools at entrances.

On streets, especially in big cities, you would find billboards and banners flooded with much good news about some schools. Some desperate school administrators would even write appealing messages on walls along streets.

Most schools have turned to social media to market their schools. On their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube pages, schools have gone in search of a higher intake for the new school year. This publicity campaign also takes place on radio and television stations.

The competition is quite stiff , especially among private-run schools. Every private school simply wants to get the Lion’s share.

Public schools rather have to deal with the usual affluence because tuition is quite affordable . Many students prefer to secure a place in public institutions .

Attracting prospective students is a yearly routine for private schools. The school’s budget, courses offered and staff all depend on enrollment. So, private schools always seek to increase enrollment.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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