Land Tenure : Stakeholders review procedure for delivery of land certificates

Regional delegates of the Ministry of State Property, Surveys and Land Tenure, have met in Yaounde to fine tune procedures for the delivery of land certificates in Cameroon.

The meeting that held on September 2, 2020, was chaired by the Minister of State Property, Surveys, and Land Tenure, Henri Eyebe Ayissi.

Minister of State Property Surveys and Land Tenure, Henri Eyebe Ayissi

Stakeholders convened the meeting to carry out an  assessment of measures were set up in March 2020.

It was also a platform to ensure proper implementation of legal provisions for access to landed property, and the delivery of land certificates in Cameroon.

Accordingly, nationals and foreigners in Cameroon who want to own land certificates , can follow laid down procedures that are free from bottle necks .

Owning a land certificate in Cameroon in the past years has been an up hill task , but officials are facilitating the process.

Many people who buy land in Cameroon, usually do not bother about getting land titles. However, the officials say more flexible procedures are being enforced, to encourage land owners to systematically get certificates for their assets.

Minister Henri Eugene Ayissi says stakeholders have also outlined some measures to ease conflict resolution in the country.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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