Olembe Stadium: “The playing field is finished and ready to be used for a match”, Project Director

The main playing ground of the Olembe Stadium has been transformed to a modern soccer facility and already be used for a football match.

The Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi and the Olembe Site President, Governor Naseri Paul Bea were there to see this glairng transformation for themselves.

After touring some of the zones undergoing construction works in the main stadium, MINSEP boss and his huge delegation made their way into the turf that already been marked for a football match.

The Governor, President of the construction site even joined the others to kick the football on the fresh turf.

To him, they are happy seeing how the stadium has slowly but steadily taken shape and can now be used for matches

The Minister on his part expressed satisfaction with the work done while cautioning the top staff of the Magil Construction Company to respect all the instructions from his hierarchy.

The imposing facility is indeed very well advanced with just little or no work to be done on the main stadium of the Olembe complex.

According to the Project Director of the Magil Construction Company, Marc Debandt, the eight giant masts for lighting have been installed at the two training grounds.

Inside the stadium, seats are intact , the athletic track is almost ready, the presidential tribune, media tribune and conference rooms have been completed.

Infact, every zone is ready or almost ready in the main stadium.

Responding to questions from the press on the state of advancement at the Commercial Centres and the hotel to be constructed in the complex, the Project Director said they will be delivered early 2021.

The Minister’s visit this Tuesday is part of the monthly evaluation visits carried out by the Minister and his delegation

Benly Anchunda

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