Regional Election 2020: Some Prominent Aspirants

The December 6, 2020, election of Regional Councillors is expected to usher in a new configuration of Cameroon’s political landscape.
In the troubled North West and South West regions a new political elite is expected to emerge and implement the Special Status given to the two regions.

Prominent Names In The Race

Candidatures files have not yet been submitted at ELECAM branches, however political parties have begun investing candidates who are interested to run.

South West Region

Various candidates have manifested interest in running for the Regional Councillors either as Delegates for the Divisions or as member of the House of Chiefs. Among those who had demonstrated interest is Dr. Chief Atem-Ebako, Second Class Chief of Talangaye village, Kupe Muaneguba subdivision in meme Division.

He is also board member of the CRTV. The medical doctor is expected to postulate in the list for the house of chiefs in the South West region.
The 69 years old has been active in local development through the Atem-Ebako Centre for Health and Development, AHEAD; one of the most recognized and renowned NGOs in the South West Region.

The Traditional ruler of Great Soppo Buea, in Fako division, Chief Etina Monono has also announced his intent to be member of the House of Chiefs in the Region.

North West Region

Prominent names in the North West region are yet to clearly state their intent to run on the media. However on a national scale academicians, economic operators and traditional leaders has declared their intention to run for the election that will hold in less than four months.

Former government delegate whose post disappeared following the creation of the elective position of City Mayor aspire to be Regional President. To achieve this goal, they must first be elected as Regional Councillor.

Centre Region

Gilbert Tsimi Evouna, former government delegate of the political capital Yaoundé is one of the big names in the region. He’s tip to be Regional President. The 76 years old son of the Mfoundi division is renowned for beautifying the Yaoundé City Centre during his 15 years term as government delegate. His achievement, experience and popularity are added advantages for the architect.

Littoral Region

The City Mayor of the Economic Capital, Douala, Roger Mbassa Nadine, has also manifested interest in the Presidency of the Region. The CPDM Secretary General had however issued a release that party members holding an elective position should not go in for the election.
The election management body, ELECAM made it public that elected officials could resign from their office if they wish to run for the Regional Election.

Roger Mbassa Nadine is indigenous Sawa with undoubted popularity. He won the race to be city Mayor with 235 votes against 25 for Jean Jacques Ekindi former leader of MP party who resigned to join the CPDM. Bassa from Sanaga Maritime division belongs to the “Mbo” community in the Moungo and to a lesser extent Nkam Division.

Far North Region

Former Minister, Zacharie Perevet could become the pioneer president of the Regional Council. The son of Mayo-Tsanaga, was Minister of Employment and Vocational Training from 1992 to 2019. At age 63, he intends to bounce back after losing the municipal elections of February 2020 to the UNDP.

Three Women In The Race

East Region

Two women have declared their intentions to run for the Regional Election in the East region.
The only woman section president in the CPDM party, Françoise Angouing hopes to be delegate for Kadey divisions and subsequently Regional Council President.
The politician grew to prominence through her fight against poverty via the MC2, a community mutual growth fund in Batouri, East region where she is the chair of the board of directors.
Anne Marthe Mvoto, the former CRTV journalist and Primetime newscaster is among the CPDM candidates in Atok, in Haut-Nyong Division in the East region.

Centre Region

Barrister at Law, Lisette Elomo Ntonga also plans to be candidate. She is from Soa, in Mefou and Afamba, Centre region. She headed the Cameroon Institute of International Relations from 1993 to 1999.

As the deadline for the submission of files narrows more and more personalities will make known their intentions to run in the Regional Election of December 6, 2020.

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