Regional Election: CPRN Creates National Coordination Team For Candidatures

The Cameroon Party for National Reconciliation, of Cabral Libii has officially announced its intention to run for the December 6, Regional Elections.

The National President, Cabral Libii made the announcement during a press briefing in Yaounde.

Cabral Libii said a national coordination team will be put in place to receive and examine candidatures ahead of primaries the party will organise in view of selecting candidates who will run for the December 6, Regional Elections.

He was speaking to the press on September 9, 2020 to give the official position of his political party following the convening of the electorate.

Key Declarations

“Presence, daring and action on the political ground is the posture of the Cameroonian Party for National Reconciliation” he said.

Before the convening of the electoral colleges, the PCRN was already conducting internal primaries with a view to better prepare for the race.

The president of the Cameroonian Party for Naional Reconciliation said, “this electoral period is a great moment for Cameroon because it is the culmination of a project in the making for several years”.

For Cabral Libii, the Major National Dialogue represents one of the accelerating factors for the holding of the Regional Council elections in Cameroon.

He welcomes the process of completing the establishment of the institutions of the Republic provided for by the Constitution of January 18, 1996.

Cabral Libii hopes that these regional elections will facilitate the implementation of the special status and ease tensions in the North West and South West.

The President of the CPRN Party expressed reservations on transparency in the conduct of the process, calling of the election management body to strive for credibility in the election.

The party has up to September 22, 2020 to put together the candidacy files and submit them at Elections Cameroon.

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