Regional Elections : Timid Turnout Day To Deadline Of Submission Of Candidatures

Less than 48 hours to the deadline for the submission of candidature files at Divisional Branches of Elections Cameroon the turnout remain timid, especially in the Mfoundi Divisional branches in the Centre region.

The head of the Mfoundi Divisional Agency for ELECAM, Yannick Basile Fouda Atangana explained that one file had been received so far.

He said the file was that of the college of traditional rulers. He said he and his team will be on standby till midnight of September 22, 2020, which is the deadline to welcome any files of candidates for divisional delegates or traditional rulers.

What The Electoral Code Says

In line with the provisions of the Electoral Code, prospective candidates have 15 days from the date the electorate is convened to submit their files at the divisional branches. Candidatues of traditional rulers is via a list system.

The divisional agencies have five days from the deadline of submission to channel the files to the ELECAM head office in Yaounde via Regional agencies.

Anti COVID19 Measures

Conspicuous from the main entrance of the Mfoundi Divisional Agency for ELECAM, is a container having a tap filled with water and soap placed by it.
A few away, on another table at the entrance to the office is another container with Hydro Alcoholic gel for hand sanitizing.

Besides both tables is a notice which reads the wearing of face mask is obligatory in this premises. The inscription COVID19 is real, Wash your hands regularly is readable on another flier.

Head of Centre, Yannick Basile Fouda Atangana all measures have been taken to ensure that candidates are free of COVID risk in their office.

Publication Of Voters Lists

The Electoral Code also gives 15 days from the convening of the electorate for ELECAM to publish the temporary list of candidates on which corrections like spelling errors could be corrected before the final list is realised. The Mfoundi branch head said the list had already been received pending D-day.

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