Water and Energy : Electricity Development Corporation to manage all storage facilities

The Electricity Development Corporation, (EDC) has been given the exclusive rights to manage all water storage facilities in Cameroon.

This comes after a concession agreement was signed between the state of Cameroon, represented by the Minister of Water and Energy, Gaston Eloundou Essomba, and the Director General of the Electricity Development Corporation ( EDC), Dr. Nsangou Theodore, on September 7, in Yaounde.

Accordingly, the corporation will manage the four hydroelectric damps in Cameroon namely ; Bamendji and Mape in the West region, Mbakaou in the Adamawa region and Lom Pangar in the East region.

The agreement has been signed barely 3 months after a Presidential decree of May 4, announced the concession.

What is expected of the EDC ?

The Electricity Development Corporation (EDC), headed by Dr. Theodore Nsangou, will have to ensure that water reservoirs in the country function properly.

The transfer of the rights of the management of the hydro-electric damps is also expected to double the supply of electricity nationwide.

This concession authorizes the EDC  to collect fees from power and water distribution companies in Cameroon in order to finance the Lom Pangar hydropower plant .

Before now EDC’s management was limited to the storage and maintenance of the Lom Pangar hydro-electric dam. But the convention now extends its management rights to three other dams.

From now on, EDC will have to keep the sector free from mismanagement and other vices that can ruin productivity.


Kathy Neba Sina

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