Global Hand washing Day 2020: How #COVID19 has changed Hand Hygiene habits

Hand washing has never been practiced like it has, within the last 9 months. The global Pandemic, #COVID19 has made many stick to an impeccable hand washing habit, even the most reticent.

On October 15, Cameroon joins the international community to observe the Global Hand washing Day on the theme, “Hand Hygiene for All”

The event takes place amidst #COVID19, which is not yet over, at least in a good number of countries where the pandemic has been present for many months, and counting.

Hand washing has been a regular practice for some, but the pandemic has forced  a good number of people to stick to the practice.

Doctors have had to continuously remind the public that regular hand washing is essential l in preventing the spread of the virus.

And if we were to count the number of times people across the globe have washed their hands since the pandemic began, we just may never get there.

The pandemic has completely changed people’s perception of hand washing. At least everyone is now conscious that hands should not just be washed when they are dirty. Keeping the virus at bay means washing hands without restrain.

Washing hands regularly has become part and parcel of today’s life style. But the #COVID19 scare will cause some people to continue washing hands , for a life time.

Most of them have been badly affected by the pandemic, in one way or the other. Some lost loved ones, others got infected and came close to death. For such people, regular hand washing would become the new order.

As the world honours the international observance, medics and other stakeholders continue to raise the  awareness about the importance of washing hands with water and soap.

Washing hands will never be the same, as long as #COVID19 remains a historic occurrence.


Kathy Neba Sina

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