Maroua: Election of Mayor postpone To Friday, October 30

The blockage observed last Tuesday October 27, 2020 during the council session led to the carrying forward of the election of the Council Executive.

The council session attended by the Senior Divisional Officer of Diamaré, Jean Marc Ekoa Mbarga ended prematurely.

The candidates in the race were Hamadou Hamidou, the outgoing mayor and his challenger Youssouf Issa Balarabé.

The elective session was held under tight security, with the deployment of law enforcement officers around the town hall.

During the session, media organs were prohibited from entering the hall where deliberations where taking place.
At around 7 p.m. the decision to postpone the election was made public.

According to the Senior Divisional Officer of Diamaré, Jean Marc Ekoa Mbarga, the two candidates came forward, were unable to obtain approbation of councils.

“For security reasons, the chairman of the meeting decided to suspend work, to be resumed on Friday at 11 am.

Power cuts and the misunderstanding amongst councilors also contributed the the rescheduling of the session.

*Reason For Rerun Of Election of Maroua I, Mayor*

The reorganisation of the election of the Mayor of Maroua 1 council comes following the cancellation of the election of the municipal executive by the Administrative Bench of the Supreme Court on September 29, 2020.

When the council session for the election of the Mayor was convened by the Senior Divisional Officer, the same names come up again; Hamadou Hamidou, the outgoing Mayor is determined to retain his seat and his opponent Youssouf Issa Balarabé, does not intend to let go.

The incumbent Mayor benefits from the support of the CPDM, FSNC and ANDP councillors in the municipality.

The CPDM councillor, Youssouf Issa Balarabé, candidate for the February 21, 2020 election, is once again the candidate invested by his party.

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