Paul Biya: 38th Anniversary of New Deal Government celebrated Nationwide

The New Deal government is 38 years old today, November 6, 2020.

The day has been marked by celebrations of achievements of President Paul Biya in 38 years.

Celebrations nationwide have been relatively low-key because of COVID19 barrier measures.

In the North West Region supporter of theCameroon people’s Democratic Movement, CPDM say they are celebrating achievements of the President of the Republic in the areas Education, health and strides made in the Decentralization process.

The celebration in Bamenda was marked be appreciation for development projects.

One of the key achievements they are celebrating is the creation of the University of Bamenda.

Thirty eight years since his accession to the Supreme office on November 6, 1982, President Paul Biya is celebrated as the leader who brought democracy to Cameroon.

He abolished the one party system and introduced multi party politics in 1990.

In the South region, supporters in the Dja and Lobo division turned out to celebrate the man of November 06 and his works.

They gathered at party’s headquarters in Sangmelima, in strict compliance with barrier measures.

The celebration was chaired by Finance Minister Louis Paul Motaze, President of the permanent Divisional delegation of the CPDM in Dja and Lobo.

The assembly observed a minute of silence honour of the children brutally murdered in Kumba.

Minister Louis Paul Motaze recalled the need for all the sons and daughters of his department to get involved in local development.

They agreed that at time when Cameroon is going through a health and security crisis in the North-West and South-West regions, the population of Dja and Lobo have also reaffirmed their unwavering support for President Paul Biya.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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