Prayer Breakfast: Prayers for Parliament and Regional Elections

Prayers have been said to implore God to watch over the Parliament of Cameroon and ensure successful Regional Elections.

The prayers were said this Thursday, November 19, 2020 under the banner of the Cameroon National Prayer Breakfast (CNPB).

During the one-hour prayer session, participants and the organisers poured out their hearts to God.

The opening prayer by Hon Dr Guiswe Badoma set the tone for the special prayer session.

This was buttressed by an exhortation by Apostle Etienne Babagnack, drawn from Psalms 121:1 – 8 and Mark 4:35 – 41.

The exhortation was centred on the theme of this year’s edition of the CNPB, “God helping the nations, a focus on Cameroon”.

Special Prayers for Cameroon

There were three prayer points outlined for the day.

Prayers have been said to implore God to watch over Cameroon’s Parliament and to take control over the Regional…

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Hon Mary Muyali Ebola prayed for the Parliament which encompasses the Senate and National Assembly.

Hon Marguerite Dissake on her part, thanked God for the Presidential, Legislative and Municipal Elections. She then went on to pray for the success of the upcoming Regional Elections.

The prayers for national unity, social cohesion and the future of Cameroon were led by Senator Marlyse Aboui.

Worship songs and hymns were sung alongside the prayers.

At the end of the one hour of prayers, Rev Dr Philemon Nfor gave the benediction.

About the Cameroon National Prayer Breakfast

The Cameroon National Prayer Breakfast, CNPB is a yearly event during which prayers are said for Cameroon.

The event which is in its eleventh edition usually runs for two days.

Today’s session will be followed by a general prayer session tomorrow, November 20, 2020 at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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