Professional Football: FECAFOOT Deprives The LFPC Of Host Rights

The Cameroon Professional Football League, LFPC led by Pierre Semengue has been reaped off the rights and competences of organising professional championships in Cameroon.

The bureau of the Cameroon Professional Football League has been accused of continuous disrespect of the statutes of the world football governing body, FIFA, CAF and FECAFOOT.

This decision amongst many others is contained in a communique published at a end of a 3-day Extraordinary Session of the Executive Committee of the Cameroon Football Federation, Chaired my FECAFOOT’s President, Seidou Mbombo Njoya.

The fourteen members present unanimously voted this decision to reap the LFPC off the rights to further organise and supervise the activities of the Elite One and Elite Two football.

As stated in the final communique made up of seven resolutions, Pierre Semengue’s led LFPC launched the 2020/2021 Elite One season with non-certified players and foreign referees. The issue will be communicated to the competent judicial structure of the Cameroon’s football watchdog

Accordingly, the FECAFOOT Extraordinary Committee announced an imminent launched of the professional football season in the very near future, this decision makes the LPFC ongoing football season null and void.

The communique states that FECAFOOT delegates competences to the LFPC and not the other way round, thus every decision must be respected.

Similar fights like these have been rolling on for sometime now between the LFPC and the FECAFOOT, the two football structures have had verbal exchanges and even transmitted their grievances to the judicial desks, nationally and internationally.

In September 2019, FECAFOOT suspended the LFPC and its activities in local football, the LFPC in turn filed a case at the Court of Arbitration for Sports in Geneva which later ruled in their favour.

Unfortunately the two presidents even after the decision of the court have not found calm waters, everyone is seemingly correct and in all this, the local football continues to suffer.

FECAFOOT indicated that General Pierre Semengue of the LFPC was invited twice for the just ended meeting but the supposed invitee claims it was impromptu and he other issues to handle.

Just to note that, the LFPC was created in 2011 with the mission of organising professional Championships with its president as Pierre Sememgue, who later won another four year mandate in 2016 and his office expired in July 2020.

Football has been off the pitch for some eight months now and for sure, Cameroonians are hungry for an immediate return

Benly Anchunda

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