Sex Scandal At Fecakarate: AKFU Issues Life Ban To Emmanuel Wakam

Emmanuel Bilal Wakam, former president of the Cameroon Karate Federation, Fecakarate has been banned for life by the African Karate Federations Union, AKFU on reported cases of attempted rape, sexual harassment and unethical behaviours

On October 7, 2020 , Emmanuel Waka who also doubled as former Secretary General of the AKFU was slammed eight years suspension by competent authorities in Cameroon

The ground breaking decision was arrived at during the extraordinary Board Meeting of the Cameroon National Olympic and Sports Committee.

This implied that from 2021 – 2028, Emmanuel Wakam who was found guilty of crimes of sexual scandals and many more others will not be part of any activity organised by the Federation in Cameroon.

The African Karate Federation Union, AKFU in its Press Release on Thursday, November 5, 2020, sanctioned a total of thirteen members of the Cameroon Karate Federation, all linked to reported sex scandals.

Four staff of the Fecakarate including Emmanuel Wakam have been issued a life ban, eight others have been suspended from two Olympiads, that is eight years and one issued a query letter

Life Ban

# Emmanuel Bilal Wakam, Secretary General of AKFU
# Mbopda Jean, Technical Director Number 2.
# Ambani Germain Desire, Deputy National Coach for Junior Category
# Esse Jean Francis Ledoux, National Coach of the Main Junior Category

Suspended for Eight Years

# Ngo Simb II Marie Marline, Coach of the National Senior Ladies
# Evehe Mbembe Paul, First Vice President of the FECAKARATE
# Bassilekin Jeff, Referee
# Edouma Maurice, Member
# Edouma Junior, Member
# Tieck à Zong Jean-Jacques Aurelien, Coach of the Club Sanama
# Oscar Tchoffo, National Senior Coach, Member of the technical committee of AKFU
# Christian Ndougsa Atsa, Athlete


#Bertin Dongmo , Secretary General of Fecakarate and Secretary Generation of the Organization Committee of AKFU

Benly Anchunda

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