2020/2021 Women’s Super League:Matchday-4 Fixtures

The ongoing 2020/2021 Women’s Super League in Cameroon has reached day-4 action with an interesting rundown of matches to be fielded between December 2 through to Sunday December 6, 2020 across the national territory.

After day-3 matches, popular women’s local club comprised of players from the army and the police force, Amazones FAP continuously enjoyed leadership on the classification table with nine points

Amazones FAP humbled Canon Filles of Yaounde 3-0 at the Yaounde Annex Number 1 on Saturday, November 29, 2020 to lead the standings once again

Eclair Filles held Awa FC to an all two draw on day-3 action while Eding Filles trashed Athletique Ladies 1-0.

Delayed day-3 matches have been programmed for this Wednesday, December 2, 2020 to be fielded by Louves Minproff against visiting FC Ebolowa ladies.

Another delayed day- match will see ASFF Diamaré Women welcome Caiman Ladies of Yaounde on December 15, 2020.


Match Day-4 Fixtures

# Eding Girls Vs Renaissance Women of Guider
#Amazones FAP Vs Renaissance Women

# Vision Sports of Bamenda Vs Ebolowa FC

# Eclair ladies Vs Canon Ladies

#Caiman Ladies vs Awa FC

Early Day-4 Matches

#ASFF Diamaré 0-3  Louves Minproff


Benly Anchunda

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