CEMAC :The 12th Ordinary Session Of The Steering Committee Of PREF-CEMAC Meet In Brazzaville

Members of the steering committee have been meeting in person and via video conference to review and discuss how to implement the recommendations made on structural reforms; enhancing integration projects amongst others.

The 12th Ordinary Session of the Steering Committee of PREF-CEMAC, has kicked off on December 15, 2020 in Congo Brazzaville with the urge of advancing the structural reforms in the CEMAC region; enhancing the integration projects; updating on the operationalization of the single market structures;merging of the two financial markets in the Central African Subregion; implementing of foreign exchange regulations; as well as enhancing financial stability and inclusion void of money laundering.

Chairing the session, Antoine Ngakegni,reminded its members who were in person and via video conference, that the meeting was one of the last meetings held within the framework of the first phase of PREF-CEMAC (2017-2020). The current session is already brainstorming on the next phase of PREF-CEMAC, schedule for 2021-2025. A deep reflection has already been initiated on the orientations of the next phase of PREF, scheduled for 2021-2025.

The guidelines will focus on accelerating industrialization, granting a prominent place to the private sector in public development strategies and pursuing the implementation of the Regional Economic Program. The drafting of the strategic framework for this new program is planned for January 2021 in order to organize its validation by competent authorities towards the end of the first quarter of 2021. As usual, the designed and drafting work will be carried out according to the participatory mode which has always characterized the reform processes in the sub-region.

Beyond the traditional agenda of the session, the following up pillar by pillar of the implementation of the PREF-CEMAC, was discussed. The session also examined the following:

– the state of implementation of decisions and COPIL recommendations on structural reforms and strengthening integration;

– the point of operationalization of the structures of the unified financial market;

– the information note on the implementation of the new exchange regulations and the repatriation of export earnings; and finally,

-the examination of the draft agenda of COPIL.

Concrete and constructive proposals that will enlighten and facilitate the decisions of the members of the Steering Committee, are expected.

Concerning the main advances made within the framework of the PREF, the chairman of the Steering Committee congratulated all its members especially the permanent secretary and his team for the quality and quantity work done at PREF-CEMAC, and for the contributions made by the Community Institutions and the decisive support of the Technical and Financial Partners, for their relentless support.

It is worth noting that the main achievements made are within the framework of the implementation of the actions retained in the PREF-CEMAC matrix, as well as that of the urgent economic policy measures taken to curb the adverse effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the economies of the sub-region. With about 3.8 billion Euros obtained from the Paris Round Table Fundraiser to finance the 10 Integration Projects, the Steering Committee will also deliberate on how and when the prioritized intergration projects should kickstart.



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