Douala Grand Mall: Escalator, “Escalating” People

The escalator of the recently opened Douala Grand Mall is making news as social media has been flooded with videos of people struggling on it, especially for the first time.

When Jesse W. Reno came up with the idea of an elevator and George A. Wheeler and Charles Seeberger materialised it, little did they know that the device will cause such drama in Douala, Cameroon.

Any visitor who walks into the Douala Grand Mall cannot miss out on the conspicuous position of the escalator.

What is Actually Happening at the Douala Grand Mall?

Out of curiosity, some who have never been on an escalator feel they could not miss out on this golden opportunity at the Douala Grand Mall.

As they visit the mall, many hurriedly stepped on the device, unprepared!

Such people fall off and roll down as the escalator moves, to the amusement of onlookers.

While some have turned it into a prank, others genuinely struggle to maintain balance on it.

Those who were yet to understand how it functions ended up falling as they struggled to climb the moving steps. Some were overtaken by panic as the escalator moved.

In the meantime, there are a few others who seem to have made the escalator a touristic site. They flood that section of the mall just to watch people go up and down.

Escalators, New Phenomenon in Cameroon?

Escalators are not a new phenomenon in the country.

However, they are mostly seen in very big shops and at the airports, places some have never visited.

Even when there is an escalator, it is not always used so some people may have stepped on one but never used it as such.

Tips on Using an Escalator

– Always check the direction of the escalator before you board. Make sure it is moving in the direction you wish to go.

– Carefully step on or off the escalator.

– Stand in the centre part of the step.

– Always face forward and hold the handrail. Do not sit on the handrail.

– Do not climb on the escalator with untied shoe laces and if your dress is flushing, pull it up so it doesn’t get hooked as the escalator moves.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

Une pensée sur “Douala Grand Mall: Escalator, “Escalating” People

  • 2 décembre 2020 à 15 h 07 min

    İ love this story and the beauty with which it is written.
    I am happy with the enthusiasm people have for using the escalators. The country is gradually emerging and we hope that most of these things will become part of our everyday life.


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