Far North : Territorial Administration and Public Works Ministers, Embark On An Evaluation Trip

Far North : Territorial Administration and Public Works Ministers, Embark on An Evaluation Trip

Works to construct a new Pallar bridge that collapsed on September 2020, following torrential rainfall, are to start on January 2021. The Pallar bridge was the main bridge in Central Maroua used by transporters on national road number heading to other divisons like Mayo Sava and the Logone and Shari division. A key bridge to the Far North region.
The Minister of Territorial Administration Paul Atanga Nji and Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi, Minister of Public Works visited the construction site on the Pallar Bridge to evaluate the progress on works started. The works focus on providing a dual carriage deviation.

*Evaluation Of Construction Works*

The two cabinet ministers were dispatched to the Far North Region by President Paul Biya who promised to reconstruct the bridge to alleviate the suffering of the people.

However, the heavy rains prevented a speedy reconstruction of the collapsed bridge. The rains have gone, Deviation works have to be accelerated.
The ministers indicated that they were instructed by Head of State to ensure that the progess being attained is according to modern standards and also to reassure the population of the goodwill of government.
After appreciating the level of work done so far. The two ministers called on the contractors to speed up work and provide an alternative bridge in the days ahead to permit the population to go about their activities without hitches.

Minister Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi revealed that 6 billion francs CFA has been made available for the new bridge and to speed up the work on the deviation lanes.
The engineers have been told to work day and night to ensure they meet the deadline and consequently reduce the pressure on other bridges especially the pont Vert, mostly used now by heavy trucks transporting goods to Chad.

*Security Meeting In Maroua*

Day one of the visit wrapped up with a security meeting chaired by the Minister of Territorial Administration, Paul Atanga Nji to evaluate the security situation ahead of upcoming Regional Election on December 6, 2020, and end of year festivities.
The meeting was attended by all the Senior Divisional Officers and Divisional Officers of the Far North Region.

The Territorial Administration boss extended the Head of State’s appreciation on the good job done already while calling on the local administrators to step up their vigilance during this key period making sure nothing disturbs the smooth organization of the first ever regional election in the country. The election, he said, comes to deepen the decentralization process. He handed down firm instructions for all the stakeholders to assist Elecam achieve its mission.

*Meeting With Traditional Rulers*

Minister Paul Atanga Nji of Territorial Administration, also held #COVID19 awareness meeting, organized with more than 100 First and second class traditional rulers drawn from the 3 northern regions.
The traditional rulers denounced and strongly condemned activities of the 10 million nordist movement which according to them, the association hold contrary views to Republican values of Cameroon.
The meeting was attended by youth representatives of the 3 Northern Regions.

The traditional rulers and youths presented two motions of support signed by more 1000 representatives for onward transmission to the Head of State.
They once more renewed their commitment, total and unflinching support to the visions of President Paul Biya.

Minister Paul Atanga Nji reassured them of the special place reserved for the grand North by the Head of State and the series of development projects underway insisting that none of the projects will be abandoned.

*Meeting with Commercial Motorbike Riders*

The minister took time to sensitize commercial motor bike riders on #COVID19 barrier measures.
He distributed face masks to the commercial moto bike riders and urged them to be law abiding citizens. He also told them to be vigilant so that hardened criminals would not infiltrate their sector to bring disorder.
Minister Paul Atanga Nji leaves Maroua for Garoua for other security meetings in the North Region which is also preparing for the upcoming Regional Elections..

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