National Assembly: Seven Minister Defend Budget at Finance Committee

The committee of Finance and budget has continued working late into the night and on Sundays examining budgetary allocations of cabinet Ministers. On Sunday November 30, 2020 seven budgetary allocations were defended in front of members of the committee lead by Honourable Rosette Ayayi.

Ministry of the Economy: CFA 51.247 963 billion

The first budget of the ten year development programme for 2O21 to 2030 has been defended by the Minister of the economy planning and regional development, Alamine Ousmane Mey. Priority of the will be the implementation of the national development strategy that was elaborated and adopted recently to make Cameroon an emerging nation by 2035. The Minister explained that priority will be to encourage and attract more investors to the economy by improving on the business environment, realising all the structural reforms necessary and having them bring in a lot of resources to produce more for Cameroon. Focus will also be on transformation and exportation of made in Cameroon products.

Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development: CFAF 46.088 187 billion

The finance phase of the decentralisation process as established by the 1996 constitution will be completed with the holding of the election of regional councillor on December 6, 2020 in Cameroon. The first ever election of Regional election has been described as a step in the modernisation of the country towards its emergence vision. Minister George Elanga Obam said that the constitution provided for local and regional council and the putting in place of regional council makes the completion of the process. His mission will consequently lay more emphasis on strengthening council autonomy and making regions operational. The ministry will also support councils in providing basic social services and in ensuring harmonious and balanced development.

Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms : FCFA 11.332 billion

The quest to modernise the Cameroonian public service and bring services closer to users will be continued in 2021.Minister Joseph Le said, “we will like to dematerialise and simply the procedures because it’s important to get the service to where the user is. The Ministry intends to improve on the management of state human resources as well as the coordination of services for efficient governance and institutional support.

Ministry of Basic Education: CFA 232.742 150 billion

The ministry with one of the highest budgets seeks to increase the rate of pre school enrollment, improve access to and completion of primary education. They will also increase the number of litrate people in the country. Minister Laurent Serge Etoundi Ngoa said they will continue building classrooms and especially toilets in schools.

Ministry Secondary Education: FCFA 386.954032 billion

Increasing access to secondary education, improving the quality of teaching and learning are some of the priorities for the Ministry of Secondary Education in 2021. Minister Nalova Lyonga also outlined the need to improve the quality of life in school and to intensify the professionalization and optimisation of training in secondary schools in Cameroon.

Ministry Labour and Social Security : CFAF 5. 542 billion

Minister Gregoir Owona of Labour and Social has seeks to improve the coverage and functioning of the social security system in Cameroon. They will also promote decent work through labour protection.

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