Parliament: A Hectic At The National Assembly and Senate

Members of the National Assembly have barely had time to rest after the long night of general debates for the adoption of the 2021 state budget. This Tuesday, December 12, 2020, the national Assembly was busy as a beehive and at the Senate members of government were defending their budgetary allocations in front of the committee of finance and budget.

Meeting With Audit Bench of Supreme Court

Business at the National Assembly began as early as 9:00am with a meeting between members of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly and officials of the Audit Bench of the Supreme Court. The meeting that comes after the adoption of the 2021 State Budget was occasion for members both chambers to exchange notes on budgetary control.

The President of the Committee, Honourable Rosette Ayayi explained the gathering was initiated with the new prerogative of the Finance and Budget committee of the National Assembly which includes the scrutiny of budgetary execution by government structures. She noted that it was occasion to reinforce partnership and also to acquire essential skills from experts in budget and auditing that will permit them better carry out their mission.

Tracking Infra-National Transfers in Mining Sector

While Members of the Finance committee were meeting in Committee room A, in the adjacent committee Room B, some members of the National Assembly also gathered for an Information Sharing Workshop on Tracking Infra-National Transfers in the mining sector.

The Senior Vice Speaker of the National Assembly, Datouo Theodore who presided over the session said it was imperative to put in perspective role of parliamentarians in the promotion of good governance in the mining sector in Cameroon through a better understanding the issues and challenges relating to sub national transfers in the extractive sector.

The sessions sort to arouse the interest and involvement of parliamentarians in the equitable management of the spinoffs from mining in Cameroon. It was organised by the Network of Parliamentarians for Good Governance in the Extractive Industry Sector (REP-GRE) was a restitution of the findings of the study on the traceability of sub national transfers for the benefit of decentralised territorial units in Cameroon.

Demographic Development and Public Health

On the sideline of both meetings, some members of Government were also present in a Special Plenary sitting on the theme: “Demographics, development and Public Health Policies in Cameroon: Current situation and perspectives.”

Experts from the National Institute of Statistics outline the importance of statistics in national building. The Minister of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, Marie Therese Abena Ondoua attended the deliberations and outlined the role of her ministry.

The session was organised by the Parliamentary network on Population, Development and Public Health, (RPPDS).

Land Tenure Governance

Later in the afternoon, Members of Parliament took part in consultations between parliament and Government on Land tenure Governance in Cameroon. It was occasion for members of Government and experts in Land Tenure to discussion on various challenges facing the sector and get parliament more involved in land issues.

Defence of 2021 Budgets At The Senate

After the National Assembly, Members of Government have begun defending their budgetary allocations at the Finance and Budget committee at the Senate. First in line was Minister Louis Paul Motaze who defended a budget of CFA 51 billion budget.

The Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Strategic, Alamine Ousmane Mey was next in line. He said priority is the implementation of the National Strategic Plan for 2010 – 2020 which forces on development and acceleration of the decentralization process.

The Minister of State for Tourism and Leisure, Bello Bouba Maigari was next in line with a plan to attract more tourists to Cameroon despite the effect of the COVID19 health crisis.

The Minister of State for Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Laurent Esso said priority will be on training and fighting corruption in 2021.

At the time of this reports, some members of government where yet to be received by the Finance and Budget Committee of the Senate.

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