The 7:30 Pm Newscast, 11/12/2020

Presenter : Benen Buma Ghana

The November parliamentary session ends in Yaounde

Seventy-seven members of the police corps promoted to different ranks in a ceremony chaired by the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele

The National Union for Democracy and progress, NUDP party celebrates victory the Adamawa Region, in the just ended regional elections

Authorities of the administrative court of the Centre Region have not yet received petitions from traditional rulers or councillors

Speaker of the National Assembly criticizes stand-off between FECAFOOT and the Professional Football League

Crtv Director General, Charles Ndongo calls on  students of the University institute of the Gulf of Guinea in Douala to make use of artificial intelligence

COVID-19 Heath experts say a surgical mask can be washed, ironed and reworn

The coffining of Late prof. Ondobo Anze Gervais  Medical doctor and pediatrician to be laid to rest Ondobo Anze Gervais

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