The 7:30pm Newscast – 5th December 2020

The 7:30 Pm Newscast, December 5, 2020 

Presenter : Bennen Buma Gana

Members of parliament adopt the 2021 finance bill which stands at  four thousand, eighty hundred  and sixty-five point two billion CFAF (CFAF 4 865.2 billion )

The Regional Council Elections take place tomorrow December 6, 2020

African leaders agree to officially start trading under the continental free trade area from January 1, 2021

Commemorations of International Volunteer Day in Cameroon

Ten students to sit for end-of-course exams from 4 schools in Buea and Limbe receive financial aid from the Itombi Foundation

How transborder surveillance  in the North Region is helping to curb COVID19 in Cameroon

Updates on the Electoral campaign from Crtv News, Presented by Gladys Tatah

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