2020 CHAN: Yaounde “FAN ZONE”, A Festive Midway For Football Lovers

The Yaounde Fan Zone located at the courtyard of the city council is gradually taking shape and slowly bearing the colours of the 2020 CHAN to kick off on January 16, 2021 in the cities of Yaounde, Douala and Limbe.

Covering a space of one hectare, the Fan Zone, one of the recommendations of CAF is presently undergoing decorations and finishing touching as witnessed by the CRTVweb team

The Fan Zone according to the coordinator of the project, His Majesty Mbambok Malet ma Njami Mal Njam,  the zone will be a representation of the socio-cultural atmosphere of Cameroon blended in colours, culture, dressings, dancing, leisure and the Cameroonian way of football.

CHAN Fan Zone will comprise of the following;

# A giant TV Screen with a viewers capacity of 400 seats

# A media zone for the state broadcaster, the CRTV to relay live images and the festive atmosphere of the CHAN Fan Zone

# A zone ” Place des Nations” to harbour all the sixteen participating countries. Here the flags, the soccer jerseys of every nation amongst many other things will be displayed.

# A musical podium, a space provided for artists, entertainers to thrill visitors daily

# A photo cabin for fans, visitors and city dwellers to take photos accompanying CHAN gadgets

#Children’s zone will comprise of toys amongst many other things of interest to children

# Food and restoration site will be a special place with Cameroonian cusines, drinks, eateries and fast foods

#The tribunes will be divided into two, VIP and standard to bring other and restore beauty in all its forms

# The cultural zone will elaborately depict the four cultural zones of Cameroon; the grass fields, the forest, the sahel and coastal zones in various forms.

# The stance of the local organising Committee, COCAN

Accordingly, the CHAN Fan Zone is coming during festive periods, and the festivities will thus be extended to the Yaounde Fan Zone in music, fashion, culture and more importantly football.

The Fan Zone will go operational on January 9, 2021 and will provide a free platform for persons to watch matches projected on giant screens and in a festive environment made up of many fans.

Concerning health security measures, the #COVID19 safety measures to he coordinated by the Ministry of Public Health will be strictly deployed and respected by all the visitors

Just to note, the Fan zone is a recommendation of CAF as opposed to the tournament village. Yaounde for instance will have four CHAN villages in the very new future

Benly Anchunda

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