2020 CHAN: Ten Exceptional Things to Eat in Cameroon

The 2020 African Nations Championship (CHAN) is two days away and the host, Cameroon, Africa in miniature has much to offer in terms of food.

Cameroon sure has conventional meals but there are also some “rare meals” that visitors shouldn’t miss out on!

Achombo / BHB

Achombo also known as BHB (Beignet – Haricot – Bouillie in French) is your best bet in Cameroon.

Eaten on almost every street in the country, Achombo consists of puff puff (puff rolls) and beans, sometimes eaten with pap (corn starch cooked as porridge).

The meal is finger-licking, affordable and easy to handle reason why it is eaten both outdoor or bought as takeaway.

If you are visiting Cameroon during the African Nations Championship, #2020CHAN #TOTALCHAN2020, make sure you taste the…

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Puff puff and beans is cherished by all and sundry in Cameroon.

“Soaked Garri”

Soaked tapioca (Garri) with salt or sugar…. So you didn’t know it is a meal! Ask boarding school students and they will tell you about it!

Soaked Garri is actually tapioca soaked in water as you will do with cornflakes. You could then eat it like that or add salt or sugar, as well as fried groundnuts or eat it with coconut or cooked beans or just anything you wish to eat it with!


“Pot…!” cries out a little girl with a pot on her head, somewhere in Buea, South West Region of the country. Discover the content of that pot: canda (dried, boiled beef skin), intestines and towel (beef entrails).

All these are mixed in a tasty tomato sauce and can be acquired with just 100 CFAF per item.

“Pot” is popular in the South West Region of Cameroon but is gradually gaining grounds in Yaounde and Douala.

Apart from being sold in a pot, these beef parts are cooked in other meals in the country.

Congo Meat / Nyamangoro

Meat from the African country, Congo? No. Just a name.

Congo Meat also referred to as Nyamangoro is actually cooked snails.

In Cameroon, this a delicacy for many. The cooking process is not so interesting to many as it involves taking off the shell and slime of the snail but the end product is super-tasty, many confirm!

Congo Meat is hawked along the streets on sticks like “soya”, served in sauce as a meal with an accompaniment or used as protein to garnish a major meal.

Congo Meat is common in the South West Region of Cameroon. It is also recently being sold in Yaounde and Douala.

With just 100 CFAF, you could enjoy some savoury snails!


Noyaux translated to English as testicles is something you should taste in Cameroon.

Do not mind the name noyaux…the food is actually minced meat, wrapped in the intestines of a cow and roasted. Irresistible, if you ask me!


Have you ever eaten a grasshopper? That is exactly what Mungwin is! Fried grashoppers.

This is popular in the North West Region but also gaining grounds in other parts of the country.

The dry season is here so you may not be lucky to have a taste of Mungwin since they are common during the period of the first rains.

Palm Weevils

You may scream, “Yucks!” but hey, do try it before drawing your conclusion.

This specie of worms consumed in Cameroon are those which come from the palm tree.

Palm Weevils are a delicacy to different segments of people across Cameroon. You should try them!

Roasted Carbohydrate Foods

Well, in Cameroon, we roast almost every carbohydrate food…cocoyams, plantains, sweet potatoes, cassava, etc.

Even cereals like corn are also roasted in the country.

These roasted Carbohydrate foods are usually eaten with palm oil, plums, groundnuts or just anything you deem fit.

Guru-guru / Krang-krang

This is fried corn and fried groundnuts, mixed and packaged in plastic bags.

A packet is usually sold at 50 or 100 CFAF and is a perfect snack.

Kulli kulli

This is ground Groundnut which has been squeezed and rolled out.

It originates from the Northern part of Cameroon but is popular all over the country.

The meals are many and time may not permit one exhaust all but you, visitor to Cameroon, should make sure you try some or all of these before heading back to your country after the 2020 CHAN!

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

2 pensées sur “2020 CHAN: Ten Exceptional Things to Eat in Cameroon

  • 14 janvier 2021 à 18 h 24 min

    Interesting article. Cameroon , Africa in miniature. You’ll surely be entertained to a great vareity of delicacies.

  • 14 janvier 2021 à 18 h 33 min

    Snails aka nyamangoro is a delicacy you shouldn’t miss out on… I love mine with a little pepper


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