Cameroon’s Constitution: Significant milestones, 25 years later

Cameroon’s 1996 constitution turned 25 years old on January 18, 2021. It was promulgated into law by the Head of State, Paul Biya , on January 18, 1996.

Law number 96/06 of January 18, 1996 amended the first constitution, promulgated in 1972.

The silver jubilee of the new 1996 constitution, observed on  January 18, 2021 , tells of a constitutional success story.

In 25 years, a good number of amendments on the constitution have been progressively implemented.

Remarkable Dates

Article 6 of the 1996 constitution extended the President’s tenure from 5-7 years

Article 1, Cameroon became a decentralized unitary state.

Regions replaced provinces in November 2008

The Senate was created in 2013 ( Article 14 of the constitution gave rights to the Senate President or his vice, to replace the President of the Republic as interim).

February 2018 saw the creation  of the Constitutional Council

The election of Regional councillors in 2020

The Two English Speaking regions of Cameroon got a special Status in 2020

All institutional requirements prescribed  by the constitution have been implemented. Regional councils which were the last to see the light of day have been setup, and council executives sworn-in.

Kathy Neba Sina

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