TotalCHAN2020: Coaches Outline their Day 3 Strategy

Teams in Group C of the Total CHAN Cameroon 2020 are bracing up for their second round matches on Friday January 22 at the Reunification Stadium Douala.

All-four coaches are comfortable with the fitness level of their players and looking forward to a favourable outcome at the end of the day. They all concede it is a tense moment because matchday-2 is crucial for the teams moving forward in the competition.

Here are excerpts of the highpoints of their statements during the pre-match conferences at the Reunification Stadium in Douala, Thursday.

*Vincent MASHAMI (Rwanda)*

“It is a do-or-die game for us because we are playing against the defending champions, a squad with a lot of quality – good players, good technical staff. But this game is so important for us. We drew the first game. That wasn’t our plan … we wanted to win the first game because each time you win the first game it gives you a big step ahead on the standing. Morocco is a good squad so we just have to be ready mentally, physically and also try to respect our game plan.”

Hussein AMMOUTA (Morocco)

“I believe the levels of the teams are very close from one to the other. So there are no small or big teams. Consequently, the details will make the difference.

I have watched a good number of games by the Rwandan team; and they, in turn, know everything about the Moroccan team. Wo I think we should focus on the small details. It is going to be a difficult game.”

Jean Paul ABALO (Togo)

“I watched Uganda keenly when they played against Rwanda [during the first round games]. They are a team that has many talents with many players who are huge. It will not be easy for us – and for them too because it is a game we are playing to win absolutely. So it is going to be a tough game for both sides. We are quite ready to face them.”

Jonathan McKINSTRY (Uganda)

“In terms of Togo, we appreciate that it is their first appearance in the tournament. But, really, with CHAN, first appearance doesn’t really mean a huge amount in terms of these individual players because if you think about it … Look at Uganda, for example, this is our fifth appearance at the CHAN.

Yet for 90-percent of the team it is their first appearance. So both teams are level in that way are net experienced at this level. What we know about the Togolese team is that there is a lot of good individual talents. And we know if we allow them to get into our rhythm they could be dangerous.”

All has been said by the coaches; now it is left to be done by the players on Friday 22 January 2020 at the Reunification Stadium in Bepanda, Douala.
Morocco vs Rwanda (17 h); Uganda vs Togo (20 h)

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