TotalCHAN2020 : Internet Users Participate in Online Prognostics

The African Nations Championship is also played on the web, in the build up to the first match at the Douala Reunification Stadium in Bepanda, internet user have been making prognostics and appreciation of matches on the CRTV web twitter handle.

With four matches played so far, internet users have been quizzed on which match interested them most 60 percent of respondent said the opening game; Cameroon vs Zimbabwe was the most interesting while the least was Niger vs Libya with 5 percent interest.

In another quiz with the question, what is your favorite derby,81 percent voted for Congo against democratic Republic of Congo the 3rd quiz sort to know the who will be the leader in group C playing in Bependa 75 percent vote Morocco, while 10 gave their votes to Uganda, and 8and 6 were give to Rwanda and Togo respectively.

The Morocco vs Togo encounter will be played this Monday January 18, 2021 at 5pm local time. Uganda will face Rwanda in the same stadium at 8 pm after which the leaders of the group will be known.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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