2020 CHAN : Cameroon Vs Morocco; The Coaches have spoken

Coach Martin Ndtoungou Mpile of Cameroon says he wants to win in Limbe and move to the finals while his counterpart of Morocco, Houcine Ammouta wants also to win and keep the trophy again.

The two football tacticians played a game of tact infront of the press earlier this Tuesday, February 2, 2021 ahead of the crucial semis pitting the host, the Intermediate Lions of Cameroon and the defending champions, the Atlas Lions of Morocco.

First Coach to meet the local and the international press at the Limbe Omnisports Stadium in a pre-match conference was Moroccan Houcine Ammouta who in his confidence declared his teams’ respect for her opponent Cameroon


“Cameroon is a good adversary, they are a high profile team in the competition. The staff and I will be playing more on the psychology of the players. Infact, we here to learn and develop football that will honour Africa”, Coach of Morocco, Houcine Ammouta.

Responding on the atmosphere in the camp, the Moroccan said there is confidence and maturity ahead of the clash. To him, his team will display more of tact because there is evolution in every match.

The Coach thinks it is a very big opportunity for his boys to win again and keep the trophy since they are the defending champions of the CHAN, a trophy they won in 2018 when they hosted and emerged winners.

Concerning the teams decision to lodged in Douala instead of Limbe, Coach Ammouta was clear that his players and staff are comfortable in Douala and wouldn’t want to start changing towns when they do not have the time.

On his heels, Cameroonian Coach, Martin Ndtoungou Mpile and agile shot stopper Herrido Haschou made their way into the press conference hall rather looking very determined

Martin Ndtoungou Mpile ” I will not tell you all what I have for Cameroonians tomorrow. We have intentions to play the finals. We have to make sure we make our adversaries uncomfortable throughout the match, We have played good teams but tomorrow is a great game”

Responding to a question on the temperature in the den, the goal keeper Haschou Kerrido said “We are serene, the atmosphere in the camp is that of maturity. We reached here because we worked hard for it. We are ready for tomorrow. We must win, that is the mindset”

Coach Ndtoungou Mpile adds “Morocco is a good team. We watched them play . We have seen them win games. When you reach semifinals it shows you have a very good team. We respect Morocco, we played Mali, Togo, DR Congo. We are ready for Morocco and our promise is to win”.

Cameroon reached this prestigious stage of the football tournament for the first time in the history of the CHAN and a win for them is all what every Cameroonian football lover would want.

Cameroon therefore picks on Morocco at 8pm local time at the Limbe Omnisports Stadium this Wednesday, February 3, 2021 in a match many have described as the final before the finals

Benly Anchunda in Limbe

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