2021 Men’s U21 Volleyball Championship: Egypt beats Cameroon 3-1

Egypt has overpowered Cameroon three sets to one in four technical sets (3-1) to register their second straight win in the four nation of the 2020 Men’s Under 21 African Nation’s Volleyball Championship in Cairo.

Host, Egypt dominated the majority of the proceedings and are one step away from glory. The will face Congo in their last and decisive match and a win will mean a trophy for Egypt.

She is already four time champion of the Men’s U21 Volleyball championship in Africa and a win will make her clinch to a fifth title

Set 1: Egypt 25-21 Cameroon
Set 2: Egypt 25-19 Cameroon
Set 3: Egypt 17-25 Cameroon
Set 4: Egypt 25-17 Cameroon

Egypt dominated the first two sets (25-21, 25-19), but Cameroon bounced back and grabbed the third set 17-25.

In the fourth technical set, Egypt stole the show and recorded 8 points to 6 in the first technical timeout of the set.

The second timeout, the Egyptians still took the lead with 16-11 win taking the total to 25-17 points in their favour.

Reacting after the game Cameroonian Coach Betsem Aliroux said ” I congratulate the Egyptian team on the win, the game today was different than Morocco’s , we came here to win, but in the end Egypt were a stronger side”.

He adds, “The competition is still going on, we have not given up despite our loss today, and the title is not decided yet”.

Just to note that in the first match of the day, Morocco thrashed Congo 3-1 to record their first win after registering a 3-1 spanking in the hands of Cameroon.

Just to note, Cameroon will pick on Congo in their third game.

The four nation tournament was initially supposed to be six countries but Uganda and Tunisia pulled out of the competition.

The 2021 Men’s Volleyball Nation’s Championship that kicked off on February 18, 2020 ends on February 26.

Benly Anchunda

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