Far North Region : One of 11 persons attacked by lion dies

One person has reportedly died following a  lion attack in the Woulki village, a locality in the Makary Subdivision, Logone and Chari Division of the Far North Region, on February 20.

Ten other victims are receiving treatment at the Makary District hospital in the Far North Region.

The lion is said to have attacked 11 persons in total, wounding them on their shoulders and tummies. They were rushed to the hospital where one persons died.

Following the attack, wild Life conservators in the region were forced to gun down the wild animal to prevent further harm on the population.

The Lion was then decapitated , and  the carcass transferred to the Regional Delegation of Foresrtry and Wild Life in Makary.

Wild animals in the region, especially those from the Waza Park are a constant terror to inhabitants in the locality. They frequently invade villages, and terrorize inhabitants .

Farmers in the locality have repeatedly suffered losses after the wild animals feed or trample on their crops, most of which are a source of livelihood.

Lions are among the most dangerous species of animals that have so far caused serious damages to villagers, and their crops in the Far North Region.

Kathy Neba Sina 

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