2021 Race of Hope: Medics Discuss Pregnant Woman’s Participation

Many are still in disbelief and others dumbfounded following the participation of a seven-month pregnant woman at the relay race of the 2021 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

The pregnant lady’s success at the race made many question medics on how possible this is and the risks involved.

A Medical Doctor, Dr Christie Linonge says that it is very possible for a pregnant woman to engage in heavy physical exercise such as climbing up Mount Cameroon.

“According to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, physical activity does not increase the risk of a miscarriage, having a baby with a low birth weight or a premature delivery. The more fit a pregnant lady is, the better her pregnancy outcome,” Dr Christie Linonge says.

The medic adds that regular exercise helps in reducing back pain, eases constipation and regulates weight gain during pregnancy.

“150 minutes of physical activity is ideal for every pregnant woman,” she adds.

How Risky is this Venture?

Dr Christie Linonge however warns, “Before embarking on any strenuous exercise, it is important for pregnant women to consult their physicians. For women who are experienced runners, they can continue their activities during pregnancy. It is however not advisable for less experienced runners to engage in marathons like the mountain race,” she adds.

To ensure safety, the Medical Doctor says pregnant Women’s engaging in any physical activity should watch out for warning signs like vaginal bleeding, dizziness and shortness of breath.

A Gynaecologist, Dr Philemon Nsem Arrey is of a similar opinion.

“Her physical state is really fragile and it could be disastrous,” he warns.6

The Gynaecologist insists that the organisers should have put a medical professional to check all the women participating to ensure that none of them is pregnant.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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