COVID-19: Government Fights on a New Front

The government of Cameroon is reshaping it’s response to the resurgence of the COVId-19 pandemic despite measures implemented to curb the spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister and Head of Government, Chief Doctor Joseph Dion Ngute was firm on the new measures that the government is embarking on to implement to ensure that virus is kept at bay.

After blaming the resurgence of the virus on the disregard for the respect of COVID-19 preventive measures, Prime Minister Dion Ngute went ahead to state some statistics.

He said, in the space of one week, more than three thousand (3,000) new cases were recorded, bringing the overall number of people tested positive for COVID-19 to 38,988.

During the same period, 37 patients died from the disease, bringing the total number of deaths to 588.

Prime Minister, Dion Ngute, added that there deterioration of the country’s epidemiological situation is clearly linked to failure to comply with the preventive measures instituted on 17 March 2020. Most of these measures are still in force.

He noted that a majority of citizens gather in public and private spaces, without taking into account the limit of 50 people for permitted for such gatherings.

Many no longer wear masks, which is compulsory in all public places. Some even continue to think that COVID-19 is a pure invention, or that it exists only in other countries.” he said.
Covid-19 in Cameroon

COVID-19: The Preventive Measures

Prime minister, Chief Doctor Joseph Dion Ngute reminded the public that the preventive measures enforced by the government and the World Health Organisation to curb the spread of the coronavirus have never been fully lifted.

The preventive measures are;

– the prohibition of gatherings of more than fifty (50) people throughout the national territory;

– working remotely and using electronic means of communication as much as possible, especially for the organization of meetings, where social distancing cannot be observed;

– suspension of missions abroad for members of Government and public and para-public sector agents, except in the case of express derogation;

– systematic wearing of masks in all public places and respect for social distancing.

The way forward for the Cameroon Government’s COVID-19 fight

The Prime minister, Dion Ngute outlined the way out of the pandemic as prescribed by the Head of State, Paul Biya.

He said considering the significant increase in the number of cases of contamination and in order to ensure the effective application of the measures already enforced, the following measures should be considered;

-Administrative authorities have been instructed by the Minister of Territorial Administration to ensure, that hand washing stations or the use of hand sanitizers is effective at the entrance of all establishments open to the public,
including places of worship, within the framework of their administrative police missions.

– The Ministers in charge of Education and
the Minister of Trade would also ensure the application of this measure, in schools and universities, as well as in shopping centres.

– Safety measures must be complied with in all circumstances and in all places, including open markets and meeting places, such as bus stations, taxis and motorbike pick-up points, as well as public transport avenues.

Dr. Dion Ngute stressed that access to any establishment open to the public will henceforth be subject to the wearing of a

– Also, screening at air, sea and land borders have been stepped up to reduce the risk of importing other variants of COVID-19.

– Large gatherings and risky behaviours are prohibited.

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