COVID19: Prime Minister Dion Ngute Reinforce Prevention Measures

Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute has recalled that the wearing of masks in public places, the prohibition of gatherings of more than 50 persons and the suspension of missions abroad for public and para – public personnel shall be enforced in the country to prevent a re-escalation of COVID19 transmission.
The PM’s declaration reinforcing anti-COVID19 measures were made in the evening of Friday March 5, 2021 in Yaoundé. Come about a year since Cameroon registered the first Novel Corona Virus cases, Joseph Dion Ngute recalled that steps are being taken to acquire #COVID19 vaccines to protect the population and shall be administered on voluntary basis when the time comes.

Cameroon COVID19 Statistics

The declaration comes less than a week after the Minister of Public Health, Manouada Malachie give disturbing statistics on the evolution on the virus in the country blaming the upsurge of cases to the negligence and non respect of barrier measures.

The Statistics as of February 2021 indicated that:

Confirmed cases: 35,714
Recoveries: 32,594
Deaths: 551
Active cases: 2,672
Hospitalised: 228 of which 53 under oxygen
Healing: 92%
Death rate: 1.54%
Severity: 2.2% of active cases
Bed occupancy: 7.23%.

The Minister illustrated the gravity of the situation by with the increments in deaths. From June 2020 to February 2021, the number of deaths recorded at Orca treatment centre stood at 74. But in one week, from 22-28 February, 25 deaths were recorded out of 215 patients admitted. “We count a total of 44 deaths at Orca in the month of February alone”. He explained.

Government’s Response Strategy against COVID19

The declaration comes a day after Members of The Inter ministerial committee to monitor the Government’s Response Strategy against COVID 19 met in Yaounde after 6 months of inactivity.

The meeting was prompted by the resurgence of the pandemic which has seen a rise in the number of new infections in the country.
Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute has called for a remobilization of the population towards the respect of COVID 19 prevention measures.

During the meeting, the Minister of Communication; Rene Emmanuel Sadi, said public and private media outlets shall be called to contribute to communication and information around the pandemic.

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