Public Service: Digital and Decentralized Procedure Eminent

The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joeseph Le has assured Civil Servants and other public service users in the that they will no longer travel to Yaounde to chase files.

He made the pronouncement in Garoua this Monday 08 March 2021 during a meeting with personnel of his ministry and other public service stakeholders.

Among many complaints laid, civil servants posed the problem of the redundancy in the procedures of following up basic files such as public service integration, salary advancement and the fact that pay-slips are still acquired only in Yaoundé.

They wondered why government preaches democracy yet still stagnant in basic file follow up procedures.

After listening to all these worries, the Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph Le emphasized that his visit to the North region and the rest of the country is to assess the simplification and dematerialization measures of certain administrative procedures.

Joseph Le said his ministry has been working on digitalising and decentralizing the follow up of files in order to gain time and reduce cost for workers traveling to the Centre region to follow up the procedure.

To this regard, the minister came up with these resolutions;

– The appropriation by civil servants and state agents of many online services in order to avoid costly travel.

The effective implementation of the delegation of signature granted to regional representatives of the Public Service for the certification of career acts.

MinisterJoseph Le also said his working visit to the regions is to the regions is evaluate the possibility of decentralizing the oral part of public service exams to the regions and even right down to the level of divisions.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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