Yaounde: A Gang of Six Dismantled

A gang of armed robbers who have been at the forward of public insecurity in some major towns in Cameroon have finally landed into the dragnet of Security Forces in Yaoundé.

The men of the underworld were apprehended by forces of the Centre Regional Judicial Police this Tuesday, March 11, 2021 after one of the hinous operations.

Their downfall came when they attacked and stole from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Applied Management of the University of Douala, Prof. Claude Bekolo.

The thieves made away with his car and other valuables at the Mvan neighbourhood in Yaoundé, where the victim resides

The Centre Regional Chief of the Judicial Police, Emane Moïse Emane says that these robbers were arrested less than twenty four hours after the incident was reported.

He added that the gang’s leader, 39 years old ex-convict, Iliasu Rago was apprehended in Ngoundere, Adamawa region.

The suspects will remain under custody for the law to take its course.

Meantime, the Centre Regional Chief of the Judicial Police, Emane Moïse Emane reassured the public that in case of any robbery or any incident of insecurity, they should call the emergency number 1500 which will put security officers at their service.

He also called on care owners to make sure GPS devices are installed in their vehicles for easy tracking in case of theft.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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