COVID-19 : National Order of Health Professionals call for respect of preventive measures

Cameroon’s National Order of Health professionals have called on Cameroonians to strictly respect preventive measures against the deadly COVID-19.

The professionals who include medical doctors, pharmacists and dentists held a press conference on Friday March 26 in Yaounde.

In recent weeks, new infections have multiplied across the country. The experts attribute the increase to “the irresponsible behavior of some citizens”.

Very few people wear masks in public places, social distancing is almost inexistent and washing hands even in areas where washing stations are available has become rare.

To prevent more infections, the National Order  of Health Professionals say Cameroonians must go back to the rules that save lives.

According to the experts, preventive measures will only be respected if authorities forcefully instill discipline in Cameroonians .

With regards to vaccination, the health professionals call on the powers that be to hasten the acquisition of the vaccines which are expected to facilitate the  effective management of  the pandemic.

The second wave of the pandemic has proven to be more deadly. And contrary to popular belief that COVID-19 is deadly only within the ranks of the aged, the experts say persons between 40-50 are the currently the most affected age group.

Kathy Neba Sina

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